About - Why Choose Us?

Our social mission is to support young learners in finding their own place in life, creating paths for their future. We are committed to achieve this by:

  • We are a learner-focused and student-led institution with a holistic and learner-centred training approach.

  • We are smaller than most schools and colleges, allowing learners to feel safer and more comfortable within their learning environment.

  • We know our learners personally; we are therefore able to respond to their needs quickly and effectively, addressing any issues as they arise and providing them with personalised support.

  • We give previously compromised learners a second chance – they come to us with a ‘clean slate’ and, thanks to our individualised support activities, they are able to start over and progress.

  • As they progress towards qualification, we work with learners on a one-to-one basis to identify their best future destination and support their on-going life’s journey.

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