About - Values

Our values lie at the heart of our activity and guide everything we do at Motive8:

  • Respect
  • We will listen to the views and thoughts of others to help us understand and respect them.

  • Honesty
  • A trusting relationship is built upon honesty and we will demonstrate this across all our relationships with young learners and stakeholders. We will act and communicate in an open and transparent way, as demanded by our charitable status, believing that giving good people good information leads to good decisions being made.

  • Love
  • We care, deeply, about the work we do and the way we do it. We are inspired by the changes that we see when young people turn the corner and make positive progress in their lives.

  • Equality
  • Everyone has a place and everyone deserves to have the opportunities to be included. We will embrace the difference that people bring through their diversity of culture, experiences or talents.

  • Dedication
  • Our work is more than a job; more than just earning a wage. Anything less than dedication will be evident to others. We will show perseverance by seeing things through, placing our young learners at the heart of all we do and by demanding, of ourselves and others, the highest standards of service and quality we will ensure our values are lived out in the everyday workings of our organisation through how we:

    • Recruit staff, volunteers and trustees
    • Recognise and challenge people‚Äôs performance and behaviours
    • Choose and work with our professional partners and suppliers

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