About - Social Mission

Our social mission is to support young learners in finding their own place in life, creating paths for their future. We are committed to achieve this by:

  • Looking beyond mainstream education
  • Learning and education isn’t a one-size-fits all solution and this is why so many young people disengage with it. There is more than one way to live a fulfilling and successful life. Motive8 gives young learners options for their future beyond those provided by mainstream education.

  • Understanding
  • We understand that many of the young learners that will engage with Motive8 might have already experienced significant challenges in their lives – maybe because of difficult early years and home life or because of evident or hidden disabilities. This is why we identify and place each young person’s aspirations firmly at the centre of their learning; helping them to understand their place in their community, and the valuable contribution they can make within it.

  • Enabling
  • Motive8 is committed to young learners finding positive opportunities for their future.

  • Serving the Community
  • We are based in South Bradford, but our services are open to all young people who feel they can find a place here, recognise the benefits we can offer to them.

Motive8 is a charity, regulated by the Charity Commission, and committed to the service of others.

Here at Motive8 we are passionate about supporting young people to enhance their life opportunities by providing them with qualification options, optimising their employability and thus their future health and welfare. It is not about them learning a trade so much as learning the essential personal and professional skills needed to assist them to make progress in their future life.

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