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Take a look at what our students are saying about us:

"My name is Abbey, I have a great interest in Hairdressing and hopefully I will become a Hairdresser soon. I wanted to come to Motive8 as it was my school option. I have some of those days when I just want the day over and done with, but I really like coming here. While on this course I have learned lots of good tips that have helped me developing my skills and confidence. If I wasn’t at Motive8, I would go to college but I would say to my friends that they should come here."


"Before I came here I did nothing because I was kicked out of school. I came here and nowI feel I can go really far. The tutors teach well and it’s a small college so it is quite easy to mix in. I have had a lot of support from Motive8 with home, personal and course related things. I wouldn’t be doing anything if it wasn’t for this college and the staff. I would say Motive8 is a good college and that they are supportive. "


"Before Motive8, I was attending Sixth Form but did not enjoy it. I chose to come to Motive8 because my friends that came here said it was good and they were offering the course I wanted to do. Mel and Moy are really supportive, they have always made me feel like I’m welcome and you can always talk to them. I like coming to Motive8 because I feel comfortable here. If I wasn’t at Motive8 I would not be doing anything in higher education. Motive8 is a very good place to come and learn.Education is about inspiring one’s mind and not filling one’s head and that’s what I feel happens here."


"I’m Danni, I started childcare here at Motive8 in year 10 and completed Level 1. In year 11 I did the Pre-sixteen, level 2 qualification. I am now in year 12 and I am doing the full level 2 childcare course. I like coming here to Motive8 because it is helping me with my career which is working with babies and young children. I am also hoping to carry on and do my Level 3 here so that I can just step out into work as a qualified nursery nurse. One word to describe Motive8: Quality. "


"My name is Lauren and I lived in Leeds, I had a place at Notre Dame college studying Hair and Beauty. I then moved back in with my parents and lost my place. I applied to Motive8 to be an Aspire-I learner. I don’t enjoy going into the salon to do the practical elements of the course, but do enjoy doing my assignment work. I had an accident and needed a lot of support, Motive8 gave me the support I needed and helped me get back into training. If I wasn’t at Motive8 I would be signing on at the job centre. If I was to tell a friend about here, I would say that you get bursary and you get to choose a course that is right for you."


"Hello, my name is Macaulay; before I came to Motive8 I was at school and did one to one lessons all week. I am now doing catering which I really like to do. I decided to come to Motive8 because all the staff are really good, give you advice and are there when you need help. I like coming to Motive8 because it gives me experience and keeps me from sitting on my bum. I have had a lot of advice from Motive8, they have told when I am in the wrong and always helped me with my work. I would say Motive8 is a really good place to come to. Motive8 is probably the best college I know, so I would recommend you to come to Motive8. One word to describe Motive8: Perfect."


"My name is Nichole and before I came to Motive8 I was doing Childcare. I have always had an interest in Hairdressing and have decided to come to Motive8 because I would have had to start on Level 1 Hair and Beauty course at Bradford College which I didn’t want to do as I am not interested in Beauty. I like coming here as the lessons are good and I get on with everyone. I think the staff at Motive8 give support and are nice to talk to. If I didn’t come here I would have been looking for a job because I didn’t have an interest in any other course.I would recommend Motive8 to a friend because it is a better environment than college."


"My name is Reece and I am currently studying catering at Motive8. This is my third year studying catering and I really enjoy it. I chose to become part of Motive8 to learn and understand new skills. I have received advice and useful information from Motive8 and from my tutors, Harvey and Liz. If I was not a member of Motive8, I would have considered getting a part time job. If recommendation was given to a friend, I would say, the college provides good courses, are very helpful and always treat everyone with respect and give the best advice."


"I am 16 years old, I have finished school and I have finished most of my GCSEs. I am currently studying at the sixth form, doing Health and Social Care, retaking my English and now doing childcare. I have been at Motive8 for 3 years now. I chose to come to Motive8 as it was through school and looked like a good choice. I started off with Hair and Beauty and finally I am doing Childcare Level 3. If I was to recommend Motive8 to a friend then I would say that it is all about achievement and experience."